Friday, September 7, 2012

One man’s trash is another woman’s treasure…

I am the proud new mama of a few sets of seats from the old Fort Gamble Theater.   Maybe they’ll be part of a large dining table or booth?  I love that they are adorned with a few graffiti marks from lovers of yesteryear (or maybe still today)?  KH + BE or Cane + CJ.  Some of them still have gum on their underside.  Ew!

The historic Port Gamble Theater was build during the boom times of this Pacific Northwest Victorian mill town near the turn of the last century.  Used for community theater, vaudeville and eventually a movie house.  It was vacant and in a preserved state since 1956, when the last movie reel ended.  History seeps from this space and I feel SO fortunate to have secured a few pieces of historic remnants.  

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